Have bright spots in your CCTV video? Here is what you should do

1. Infra red light reflecting back into the camera lens

Bright spots or extremely white hazy areas on the CCTV video could be a result of Infra Red or IR light reflecting back into the camera lens.  It is a fact that the wider the angle of view, the more the possibility of this happening is there.  You may not be able to see the IR light but it is very bright and any kind of surface which is close to the front side of the camera can reflect it back into the lens.  Even if the surface is out of screen shot, it is still capable of reflecting the IR.


The solution for this is either to move the angle of the camera or try zooming it so that the field of viewed can be narrowed.

IR light reflecting back in CCTV video

2. Light pollution from other light sources

Another common cause of bright spots in your CCTV video is light pollution from various kinds of light sources that may be present in the view of your security camera.  The sun itself is one of the major light sources which can cause white bright spots to appear on the surveillance camera feed.Vandal dome cameras are particularly prone to light pollution from external sources.


If possible, move your camera so that the sun is not in the field of view. Sometimes street lights can cause the bright spots during the night time. In this case too, the best solution is to slightly change the angle of the camera so that it can move away from the light.

3. Camera’s sun visor too far forward

CCTV camera’s sun visor is basically the shield which protects the camera from the sun’s rays. If the sun visor of your camera is too far forward then this too may be the cause of the bright spots on the camera feed or video.


In this case the solution is to have the rear or the visor in line with the back of the body of the camera.

Sun visor in CCTV camera must not be too ahead

Image Credits: Amazon.com

4. Sealing rings not in place

In case of vandal dome cameras, if the sealing rings which are placed in between the lens and the inside of the clear plastic cover are not properly in position, then this too could lead white or bright spots to appear on the CCTV video.  This ring is also known as the foam gasket ring.READ ALSO:  Common home security system problems and their solutions


To resolve this problem, you need to ensure that the dome bubble must sit upon the foam ring snugly. It must appear slightly squashed in this position.  For this, you need to manually take the ring which must have dropped a little and fix it on the dome bubble. You can also use an electrical tape for this purpose.

foam gasket ring proper placement to avoid white spots in CCTV footage

Image Credits: Alibaba.com

5. Dust particles floating in the air

Another common reason for the bright spots in your CCTV video is dust particles floating in the air.  Illuminated dust particles that are close to the lens render as larger circles at the image plane. In this case, the out of focus points tend to look like circles of confusion or COC at the points where they hit the imaging sensor of the film.  These are the bright spots that appear to you on the CCTV video.


The only way to avoid this problem is to keep doors and windows closed to avoid dust from entering inside.

White spots in CCTV video

Image Credits: theangelwhispers.org

Now that you know the common causes of bright spots in your CCTV video, you can solve the issue on your own. It is important to avoid reflecting objects and barriers like plant leaves etc in the field of view of the camera. If you are unable to solve the issue, you can always contact a professional.

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