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Home & Commercial Fire Alarm & Monitoring. Fire Alarm Systems Installation, Repairs & Monitoring In Dublin.

Dyno Secure Ireland is is a full service fire alarm provider, fully licensed in Dublin Ireland. We can provide you with the design and installation of a fire alarm system on a new building or retrofit a system to work in an existing building.

Our Alarm Monitoring Center In Dublin Provide Full Proof Protection. Custom Designed Fire Alarm Installations. Dyno Secure Factory-trained and certified technicians install and maintain systems for nearly all brands and can provide diagnostic, parts and repair services to keep systems operating at peak performance. We don’t push brands. Dyno secure suggest tailor made ideal solutions. Because no two requirements are the same. A Solution perfect for one may not be the right choice for another


The Fire Alarm System you choose will be based on your budget, your home’s,  premises layout, security concerns, and other contributing factors.


Whether you are upgrading your fire alarm systems in your building or need to install new fire alarms, it is important to understand the different types of fire alarms available.


We can get your Fire Alarm back in service quickly to minimize your downtime & at the same time save you & your company money. Best Cost Ownership  for your Fire Alarm Solution needs.

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Dyno Secure Fire Alarms : Wireless or Wired Solutions

  • REAL TIME PROTECTION : Conventional Fire Alarms
  • An automatic fire alarm system activated by smoke detectors and manual call points.
  • Fire Alarm Systems that allows smoke detectors in some fire cells to sound a local alarm only, provided that heat detectors are also installed in those fire cells.
  • Hybrid alarms combine the hardwired zone features of conventional fire alarms with the addressable loops of the addressable fire alarms into a single panel.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm system activated by heat detectors and manual call points.

Fire Alarms Dublin – Dyno Secure Ireland

Gain around the clock protection, remote access and central station monitoring with custom-tailored, state-of-the-art residential & commercial Fire Alarms systems.

Dyno Secure specializes in custom residential and business Fire Alarms systems in Dublin and all of Ireland. Whether you are looking for a home Fire Alarms system or a business Fire Alarms system, we can get the job done and deliver unmatched results every time.

Get A Free On Site evaluation Now, Using the information gathered during the on-site evaluation, our team of in-house security system designers engineers a customized alarm for your property.

Alarms Dublin No 1 Alarm Company In Ireland.

Dyno Secure – Top Rated Fire Alarm Systems Provider Ireland

When choosing a new commercial fire alarm, it is important to choose the alarm that is right for your space. For more information on installing a commercial fire alarm, call Dyno Secure today!